New Reach Consulting

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Address: 394 E. Town St., Columbus, OH 43215

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Designed engagement for social impact



New Reach Consulting is a purpose-driven small business based in Columbus, OH whose mission is authentic engagement for meaningful outcomes. New Reach Consulting helps organizations advance important causes through stakeholder engagement and creative problem-solving.

Core Services:

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Grassroots  Outreach

  • Public Awareness and Issue Advocacy

  • Capacity Building

  • ​Messaging and Communications


Good intentions don't necessarily lead to meaningful actions or desired results. A rigid process misses opportunities to meet evolving needs. And activities focused on outputs maintain the status quo and can't tell you if you're really making a difference. New Reach Consulting will help your organization identify opportunities and implement solutions to improve outcomes most critical to your mission and stakeholders.

Originally from the West side of Cincinnati, Coby C. Williams is Founder and Principal of New Reach Consulting. A self-professed "civics nerd" he has over 15 years of expertise in community organizing, group facilitation, issue advocacy strategy, and digital outreach planning. Coby has partnered with organizations throughout Ohio to help move forward local, state, and national initiatives. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management from Franklin University.